Mexican Cuisine restaurants you must try today!

Some people say Mexican food is the best food in the world! Though the topic of conversation here is completely subjective, I kind of agree that Mexican food is ONE OF THE best food in the world. Known for its tangy, sweet & spicy taste and quirky feel, Mexican cuisine can’t be missed even if you don’t have taste buds for tanginess. Be it the Tacos or the Burritos or even the Quesadillas, you will just love them for their completeness and the way it makes you feel good after a lunch or dinner.

If you are looking for some really great Mexican restaurants in and around you but not the famous chains like Taco Bells and Chipotles, then this list is for you!


A Texas native, Taco Cabana is favorite among the college students for its famous Queso. They make the tortillas in-house and in fact most of their food items are handmade side by side in an open-display cooking concept. 

With around 150 locations in the country, you will have to try this one if you haven’t.

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Yet another Tex-Mex type of food, Del Taco is famous for its Tacos, obviously. The tortillas are soft and filled with shredded cheese and the meat of your choice. The only difference here is this restaurant offers Mexican-American fusion combos where you get Burgers and French Fries along with Tacos.


Yet another Californian find, Baja Fresh is, as the name suggests, famous for its Freshly made food. They source their ingredients fresh and do not use any harmful machineries like Microwaves, freezers or chemicals like MSG. They commit to making fresh handmade food on site without any pre-processing. The result is delicious and fresh tasting food be it tacos, burritos or Nachos and more.


A comprehensive menu list awaits you if you enter Chuy’s. Every tex-mex food like enchiladas, quesadillas, chips & salsa and even the Chile Rellenos are there to serve your hunger and taste buds. They have the best chips you can put your senses to.


This Tex-Mex chain of restaurants is located in the United States and South Korea. With about 150 locations, they are famous for their Fajitas and a selection of Margaritas. When it comes to the Guacamole, their Guacamole Live, where they prepare the dish on the table side.

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Despite having several other brands and famous single Mexican restaurants, the Mexican food industry is facing tough competition from several other cuisines like the American and the Italian. But they still rule most of the Southern part of the country and that will do.